Friday, November 12, 2010

I think I may have just found my niche...with this blog that is. Sorry about all the chopped up posts I finally figured out how to post more than one picture ona post. Promise it will get better :)
Our Study on Japan....

Sam tasting Green Tea

Everyone :)

Our Japan food!

Cookie dough+carrot cookie cutter+Green & Orange icing=
I think this says it all....MESSES=MEMORIES!!!

Sam making Carrot cookies as we end

his Carrot lapbook.

Sam's "C is for Carrot Seed" Lapbook....

Pictures of our school days this year....
Sam doing his C Lapbook.
Stop on over at my friends Ami's blog for some great ideas for preschoolers including "Read to me ABC's"

This has been such a lifesaver for us and I am so surprised how much my little guy learns! (and we make many memories along the way!)

One of the many projects I did this summer was make a craft/sewing table out of this....
keep coming back to see the finished product in my posts on decorating!!

As the cool wind blows, I am reminded of the coming winter. And the little toes in our home that will be getting cold. So we pulled out the box of slippers and soon found many were too small or just plan wore out. Here is one determined boy who wants to fit into his favorite slippers. Needless to say new slippers will be soon added to our family :)

Field Trips

This summer we took a field trip to the bowling alley. This was my children's first time. My youngest Sam was so exciteed to get "bowling shoes" I just love this picture!
"Sometimes the little things are big things in the eyes of a child."
It has been such a long while since I had the time to sit and catch you up. Our year has been full of many new things. The kids have been doing lots of school, we have been adjusting to a new church family, and I have been starting up my own home business. I hope you can sit back and relax, grab a cup of tea or a piece of pie and join me as I share what God is doing here in our home. School pictures first then I will introduce you to "Simply Rustic". By the way if you are a mother and can't sit down for longer than 5 minutes I will totally understand :) take your time and don't hesitate to look back.