Monday, September 3, 2012

Hard Grace

Do you see your children as a burden or a blessing? So often as moms we can let the bad things our kids do be magnified in our hearts and in return the good only shadows behind. Its hard...I am learning... but I know every moment is God-given.

  Each one of my children are I am sure each of one of yours are. My boys...are...well BOYS. Wrestling in odd places of the house, curious about many things, and loud. Did I say loud? They are strong, and very attentive during bible time, and they do break stuff. They are silly and love to give me raspberry kisses. They are mine. Given to me by God.

My daughter is very fragile. She loves dainty tea cups, finding quiet moments throughout the house to read-and has learned sometimes curling under a tree outside is the quietest place of all. She is growing up fast and loves learning about what the bible says on how to become a wise woman. She thrives in the kitchen and gets giddy in front of a blank canvas and new paint brushes. She still loves holding my hand. She is mine. Given to me by God.

I confess my to-do list was BIG today.. I was sick all week and felt like so much was left undone. I wanted to get back into a "normal" (well as much as possible) school schedule Monday. I hurried through each room.  I soon realized God had many interruptions planned for my attention.  It wasn't too long before I found myself feeling like I wasn't going to get anything done. Inside I felt like there were many "discipline" moments. Moments that felt like burdens.

I scurried to my to-do list and he pulled on my shirt.
"Mommy can you hold me?"

He's not my little guy anymore...and rarely asks to be held...I bent down and he wrapped his arms tightly around me. I melted.

The decoration he broke last week faded.

The Lego's he forgot in his pockets then discovered in the pew Sunday morning were only a memory.

Those became shadows in the light of that moment.

He sat there for only a few minutes then ran eagerly back to his toys. I watched him and was grateful. It wasn't long before I saw another...and all of my children. They were little things. Things I am sure I would walk right past in my haste to complete the  To-do's for the day. They were blessings and I begun to look closer.

As I vacuumed I prayed. My mind was overwhelmed with all the hard moments. My heart was focusing only on the "wrong" things they had done. As moms we need to be diligent to discipline when needed. I believe God gives us every moment. But sometimes I wonder...what  if the hard moments are not just meant as opportunities for us to mold their hearts towards Christ, but also to mold ours as moms to grace. Grace that sees the blessings in each and every child of ours. Grace that is full of love when one more thing breaks. Grace that offers forgiveness. Forgiveness that keeps us from thinking only of their mistakes.These children are gifts he has given me. Every moment is His.

Keep an eye out today for Hard Grace....find those moments and hold onto them tightly. For it is here where our Joy as a mom...our love for raising us a small glimpse on God's love for us.

Many Blessings,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pew Prayers

                                               Dear Lord...
Its been a hard day. I've yelled more often than not. Please forgive me for not forgiving quickly and for keeping your grace all to myself. Thank you for the hearts of everyone in my home. Thank you for the many hands to help get heavy things moved. I am grateful. Thank you for the rain. The sounds of it on the ceiling and  the smell of dirt being filled. Thank you for small hands holding me close and hugs. Thank you for your grace...unfailing and your love...always there. Give me strength to serve you and my family in the morning. Help me to see your wisdom and apply it.