Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Indy Jones"
(named after none other than Indiana Jones)

"Izzy Grace"
(about 2 months old)

"Last Winter"

Last December I started getting the baby bug...and so I convinced my husband to give me twins...puppies that is!!! These are brother and sister that we got free from a friend. They are now 1 and quit a handful....by hey I aksed for it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I'm pretty sure I am not a morning person!!!"
I took this picture at our local petting zoo this summer...it made me laugh when I came across it tonight. I am sure this is what I will look like in the morning if I don't head to bed really soon :).
I don't think blogging untill 2 in the morning is a good idea...but hey I had energy...I couldn't just let it go to waste :~)!!!
Good Night Blog,

Another day "Raising Wild Things"
A "Simple Blessing" in the journey of Motherhood!

This is my little Monkey!! He is the sweetest little ball of energy. His favorite thing to do is read and learn more things in school, he seems to be the one that always wants to learn more. He looks up to his big brother and is always asking him questions about Jesus. He loves to pray for other people and adores babies. His favorite food is pepporoni! My prayer for him is that he can grow up to be such a tender father and husband, learning to grow more in the Lord everyday. I pray he never stops giving his mommy hugs and kisses, (you can tell he is my baby!!!). His nonstop bundle of energy can do soo much for the Lord and I pray for wisdom as I creatively learn how to keep him engaged in our homeschool family. Lord thank you soo much for my little man. Help me to do all I can to keep his eyes focused on you. Thank you Lord for all the silly, crazy, little things he does everyday...may I never forget how much of a blessing he is...

This is my little princess.....from the day she was born I knew God inteneded for her to be "handled with care". She loves her puppies and to be right next to mommy. Her favorite thing to do is color and study Japan in school. She has to have everything just right, a place for everything, and everything in it's place. She has such a love for the Lord and a tender heart for those in need...especially orphans. She still continues to pray for a sister...
My prayer for her is that she will grow up knowing how beauitiful and of value she is to the Lord. I pray that I will use God's wisdom in showing her how to be the best mom, and wife, and friend through my example.
Lord I pray that will help me to learn to be more patient and kind/gentle as I train her to become the women of God you want her to be. Lord she is your princess...a princess of the King...and I know you know exactly what she needs even when I don't. Please keep my eyes open to her needs and help me to always be there! Thank you Lord for this little princess!!!

" A Man of God in Trianing"
This is my first little guy...he loves to serve other people and trys to be the first to open the door for the ladies at church. He loves to pray for those who are sick and likes talking to his Nanny! Yesterday he said, "Thank you mommy for all of my little stuffed beanie guys," before I could answer he asked in a very soft sweet voice,"do you know why I like having so many?" I said "why?" and he responed..."so that I can tell them how good God is and practice telling them about Jesus so I can tell real people about Jesus when I get older."
My prayer for him is that he will grow strong in the Lord everyday and that he will be a strong husband, father, and man of God as he gets older.
Thank you Lord for my little wild guy help me to be the mom he needs and give me wisdom in training him in the shadow of the cross!!!

"A Simple Day"

There are many things that I find myself stressing over lately....
~am I teaching the kids enough?
~are they learning to value God and his word?
~Did I spend enough time with each one of my three children eachday?
~Have I slowed down enough to hear God?
~Am I being the parent, mother, and wife God wants me to be?

It seems to be so easy for me to list many things I need to work on or areas that I constantly worry about, and yet why do I find it soo hard to keep reminding myself of God's promises? It has been a very simple day for me...one which I dropped ALL of my "worries" at the foot of the cross, turned around, and walked away!!! (it seemed harder not to look back). I went through my day soaking up all of the little blessings my kids had to show me.

~A simple lesson in sharing and kindness was achieved by all three of my kids as they played for most of the afternoon TOGETHER with NO yes I said NO bickering. Even though I know this may not happen again for a long time I sat back and enjoyed watching them just be together.
~My three year old learned that organe juice actually comes form organes as he helped me squeeze some for dinner...he was so excited to make it-but did not like it :(
~My princess learned that mommy can hug her whenever she wants as she stop to hug me alot throughout this afternoon.
~I learned the value in a open ear and a little girls desire to tell me everything! Even though I was trying to get dishes done I prayed that when she is 16 she would want to talk to me as much as she did today!!! ( I honestly think my mom's prayers for having one just like me was answered in this area with my little girl, I still like to talk :)!)
~The shock on my son face was priceless when I put my (very much clean) hands in the pot of strawberries to "squish" them for my newest batch of Jam...he thought that was soo funny!!!

It was simple day full of many simple things...simple things that showed me how beauitful it is to be a mom!

A Simple Mom,

Friday, November 13, 2009

"A Simple Step"
When my children were young I would eagerly await that first "simple step". The step when no one is holding on to their little fingers and they begin to get their balance. The step that would make my heart flutter. It was the begining to my little baby turning into a toddler. It has been a few years now since my last one took his first step and as much as I miss those years I am glad he did it. Many days as I look into his eyes (as I wipe his sticky face once again) I wish I could go back to those days...and yet I remember all the joys I have had since he learned to walk.
Teaching a young one to walk is such a neat parallel to my journey to getting this blog going. I thought, "Oh such a wonderful idea!" so I jumped right in, lost my balance,and fell. It took many days/hours trying out my "balance". And many months looking for my footing. It may appear to you that my footing is nearly there...but I am still stumbling in this computer world.
It seems to have been months since I first thought of starting my own blog. I thought how wonderful it would be...untill I realize that it wasn't just one simple step. See I am not much of a computer bee I would rather journal in a book or scrapbook everything my children do. As I visit my friends and their blogs I realize how much of a blessing and encouragement they have been to me in the most crazy parts of my day.... I was inspried!!! Could God use me to help enoucrage others in their walk as a mother, women of God, and homeschool mom?

So here I am...the kids are playing quietly, for the moment at least, and I am trying my hardest to figure this all out. I have loads of pictures and tons of journal entrys to add I hope to add in the coming weeks...since this has been on my "to-do" since last spring I have been getting ready. I hope you will continue to visit my blog whenever you get a chance, and I pray that the God can use these entrys to bless you in a special way!

Simply Me!