Sunday, November 22, 2009

" A Man of God in Trianing"
This is my first little guy...he loves to serve other people and trys to be the first to open the door for the ladies at church. He loves to pray for those who are sick and likes talking to his Nanny! Yesterday he said, "Thank you mommy for all of my little stuffed beanie guys," before I could answer he asked in a very soft sweet voice,"do you know why I like having so many?" I said "why?" and he responed..."so that I can tell them how good God is and practice telling them about Jesus so I can tell real people about Jesus when I get older."
My prayer for him is that he will grow strong in the Lord everyday and that he will be a strong husband, father, and man of God as he gets older.
Thank you Lord for my little wild guy help me to be the mom he needs and give me wisdom in training him in the shadow of the cross!!!

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