Monday, August 27, 2012

"Our New Beginning"

Its nearly Fall...summer has seem to fly by so quickly! The last few months our home has been filled with laughter, tears, fellowshipping with new friends, the smells of new recipes, the beginning of a new schedule (which may still need some adjusting)and the humming of a sewing machine that has stayed silent for years! As I open the windows and let the crisp fall air slip in I find myself refreshed. Do you ever just stand there feeling the breeze and sigh? I do :) Its those little moments that don't seem to last long in a house full of little (or big) ones. 

Just as spring has its new beginnings... Fall, for us, is a new beginning. A beginning of a journey towards expanding our family. It's been over six years since we have had little feet running through our home...and little hands reaching high for something to play with. The last six years have been very humbling for our family as we have seen God's grace and mercy and have followed Him as he lead us through many changes. At the beginning of that six year journey we decided that God was calling me to be a fulltime stay-at-home mom and my husband received a job at the local Christian University. A few years later we moved into our own home, set a little in the country, and the Lord lead us to a new church family. Our three children have grown much since then. Our oldest is blooming into a strong woman of God, taking an interest in art and interior design. Our oldest boy loves learning about missionaries and tells us he wants to be one when he grows up. Our youngest boy loves math and geography. My husband has continued to serve the Lord at the local university and I have found much to do here as I homeschool my children and begun opening my new business called "The Threshing Floor."

As our children have grown we talked about expanding our family. Back when my youngest was born we decided to have my tubes tied. It was a season of life where at times we felt overwhelmed and searched for stability as we adjusted to one income. In hindsight we wonder if our faith in God was a little shaken. For us it was a time where things always seemed soo hard. It seems God's plan for each family is different. Within the last two years we researched, set appointments, talked to caseworkers and agencies, and filed a file box of all the papers to examine. With hope we looked into many options. It seemed whenever we thought a door had opened... two closed. The Lord called my husband to serve at a university...we both knew it was exactly where God wanted him. My husbands income is sufficent and we are truly blessed! Sometimes we have just enough, other times our cup overflows!!! We knew the Lord's plan was better than ours and kept following Him. 

The last door closed on what we thought would be a great chance to rescue a orphan from within the states and my peace was gone. Soon I found myself surrendering it all to the Lord. It all sounded like a great idea-and I begun to pray. In our home we have a love for orphans, we have many many friends including our pastors family who have adopted. We know the need is great overseas and in the states and our hearts were opened. But you see sometimes the Lord's plan are way different from ours. Even though we felt like our plans were good and we have done much research nothing seemed to give us peace. Doors were not opening. During these days of confusion and grief a mentor of mine reminded me that I have three wonderful arrows and that I needed to focus on their hearts. It was in those days when the eyes of the three precious arrows we alraeady have, meant soo much more. It was here where contentment found me once again. That peace that passes all understanding and I begun to thank the Lord for every little thing in each of my children. I prayed that I would have their hearts and keep them focused on Him all the days of their lives. 

 We thought all the doors were closed but one day we were talking and I realized their was a window opened in my heart. A desire...a yearning...a moment in time where we felt we made a decesion in haste. It was that window that we realized was still there. Could it even be possible? Could the Lord have had that as His plan all along? After much research we found the Lord opening many doors in even the smallest details when it came to this option. So with faith, prayers and words of encouragement from friends we made our decesion to have a tubal reversal. To restore that part of our life to the Lord. It isn't going to be easy, and we know this isn't a popular choice. But we know the Lord is in control and He has promised to always provide our needs! We simply have to trust Him. 
With this decision we also know a great expense is required to get the surgery...something that will increase our faith even more. Its a long of faith, hope and love. A journey we hope will lead to the Lord blessing us with more arrows. Your prayers are very special to us and as a family we would like to ask you to pray for the following; for peace as we wait on God's timing, pray for faith as we trust Him for the financing, and pray for joy as we continue in the days ahead raising the arrows He has trusted us with already. 

 Many Blessings from our heart to yours, The Pickering Family

 "Lo children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of thy youth. Happy is the man that has a quiver full of them."

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 Thanks again for walking this journey with us!


  1. Oh, this is a beautiful testimony and story still being written. I hear your heart in the struggle and the embrace of motherhood. Thank you for sharing with us.

    We are neighbors at Titus Tuesday today... Blessings to you.

  2. Best wishes and prayers for you as you begin this journey.

  3. Prayers for you as you travel down the road of this medical/miracle journey!

  4. Oh my heart was overflowed today with all of your sweet comments!! The Lord is soo faithful and I feel so blessed to receive your prayers! Thank you again your words have been such a blessing to me!! Keep a eye out..working on some fundraising events...giveaways, raffles and such!
    Many blessings from our home to yours!