Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy days...

are good for rearranging the sewing corner....

and for organizing fabrics.... (in a new vintage trunk!)

and for hanging newly rescued doilies from the ceiling

Rainy days are also good for....

little boys' birthdays!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Lord's Table

"...I remember the first time I confessed to Him that I had not been wise with the meals I had provided my family with. I saw a deep sorrow in my heart for I felt I was robbing my family of the strength to do all God calls them too, from not having healthy meals. Recently we found some food allergies and so begun my journey to Wise Meals as I take my family down the GF and Diary Free path. "

Please join me today over at

as I share one of our favorite GF and DF meals. One that is kid-friendly and approved by a meat-and-potatoes-kind-of-guy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Cookie Cutter Prayers"

~How we can cultivate a heart of prayer in the hearts of our children through everyday things~
One thing my kids love to play with is cookie cutters. We tend to have gathered quite a collection. (one that actually fits into a old wooden barrel to be exact!) I personally love the metal cookie cutters. They tend to bring me back to a simpler time in life when children were encouraged to stand by mom all day as she cooked or cleaned. When boys would find contentment and adventure in a pile of sticks and stones, and the occasional tree in the backyard.

Cookie cutters will always find themselves somehow on our table during the week. Whether we are making cookies by scratch, practicing our alphabet, or trying to draw towns made out of shapes....our cookie cutters are much loved.

Cookie Cutters to most are just a simple everyday thing. Something that comes in many shapes and sizes and can give children of any age hours of fun. Did you know cookie cutters can also be a tool to teach those young hearts the importance of prayer? Since many of my cookies cutters are different colors and so often my kids are sharing or digging in the barrel for their next favorite one...I have a little game we goes soemthing like this.

You will need:

~A timer of some sort

~Pieces of cardstock cut into squares or index cards cut in half


~A list of prayer requests (or topical prayers)


~On each piece of paper write down a specific prayer request or topical prayer

(ex: Missionaries, Daddy's cold, Self-Control with my hands)

~Before children play with cookie cutters explain when the timer beeps they will draw a new card of prayer from the "prayer pile" and pray (outloud or quietly) about those requests untill the timer stops

~You can also say whenever you touch a "yellow" cookie cutter, or a "round" cookie cutter you have to pray about ________(prayer card)

It's a fun way to make a simple moment into something so precious-listening to your family talk to their Saviour!

As with any memory there is usually a mess not to far behind. And with children messes are not that hard to make. But on the other hand picking up messes usually is no fun at all. So how can we take a pile of toys and teach our children that when we put our toys away we can spend time talking to God?

Here is another great idea....

You will need:

~A piece of paper to hang in the bedroom or playroom

~Markers or caryons (because every list seems to be a little more exciting to read when done with lots of color!)


~Write down the top 10 toys or everything your children will be picking up in one column

~Draw a arrow to the second column and write down what they can pray for when they pick up that item and put it away

~Hang in a place where the kids can see this on a daily basis and encourage them, even walk them through it a few times. Afterall messes become more important as you pray your way through them with your children by your side!


1. LEGOS (which are in the millions in my boys' room)------------>pray for missionaries who are building churches

2. SHIRTS-------------------->thank God for daddy and all the hardwork he does providing for us

3. MATCHBOX CARS----------------->Pray for God to provide the momey to our friends so they can go to the Mission field soon

4. DOLLS--------------->Pray for the girl orphans. And that God will give them a loving family

5. DRESS UP CLOTHES------------------>Pray for anyone who is sick. That God will heal them

You see its more than just, another pile. And as a mom you can say more than just simply, "Go clean your room." .....Its a oppurtunity to teach them the importance of prayer!

As a mom I see that I am constantly training their hearts to think biblically, quick to disciple them onward towards Christ, and always find a to-do list much too long for the hours I am awake. But as a mom I can find peace and joy in the everyday things as I look forward to those moments as a way to share God with my kids. Today I would like to enocurage you to start a passion in the young hearts of your children in praying throughout their day. It is a wonderful thing to join in Family Worship at the end of each day praying for the burdens of those close to you...and it is important to thank the Lord for each meal He has provided. But it can be a glorious thing when we see our everyday chores as stepping stones to a more personal, intimate relationship with Jesus.

I hope you are encouraged....and never look at a stray toy or a cookie cutter and a container of play dough the same again :)

Prayers of Blessings from my heart to yours!


Friday, March 9, 2012

My Mountain of Prayer

This week I had a mountain in my that seems to sneak in every so often. (Mostly when I'm not looking!) I wonder if they seem to visit you too?

This is a picture of my mountain...its here....its real....and I found myself having a hard time motivating myself to conquer it. So what do you do when you have a mountian of laundry that seems to get higher and higher each day? Well, if you're like me you find a way to blog about it :) So today I would like to share with you a new way you can move those mountains!!!
( And the beginning to my new series: "Household Prayers"!)

Pray your way through them, literally! As I sat down I decided for every item I picked up I would say a quick prayer...a short one. Some were a full sentence others were a few words. I was excited...motivated...and full of fold laundry!!!

Lord, Thank you for always providing food for us. Help me to be a better steward of our meals, and as I dry all those dishes and wipe up spilled messes help me to see it as a blessing...your provision.

As I hung up clothes I noticed a few tattered shirts. And I am convicted...reminded on how much my heart is tattered.... with selfishness. Lord forgive me on focusing on myself and help me to serve the ones in my family with diligence and joy.

My youngest sons red tie. (He loves to wear this to church, next to his Larry boy one of course!) I prayed that the Lord will teach him self-control as he sits in the pew with us during family worship.

I thank God for wonderful blankets that my kids love to use when reading. I prayed over a dear friend of ours, Mrs. P who made the bear blanket for our first child when she was born (11 years ago). I prayed for God to bless her and fill her with joy. I prayed for the missionaries on our fridge as I folded the map blanket.

I prayed for my daughters desire to wear more skirts and dresses. That she will have a heart of modesty all her life. Honoring her king...with her clothes. I prayed that we would be able to start sewing some skirts patterns she so desperately wants.

I prayed for my sweet girl as she slept that night. Give her peace, and dreams full of your glory Lord.

I found a belt, those occasionaly find themselves in the washer. I prayed for my boys that they will have a hunger for God's word, girding themselves with strength.

I prayed for everyone who brushes their teeth that we will remember to speak with gentleness and kindness throughout our day. (As I layed out the bathroom rug under the sink)

I prayed for my daughter. That God will give me the key to her heart. That she will strive for holiness and learn how to be a wise woman. I also prayed that if it's God's will another little girl will twirl around in the ruffles of this dress as we begin our adoption process. I prayed that I will reflect "holiness" as I go about my day. Showing my husband and my kids Gods mercy, forgiveness, grace, and love as I serve them.

" Lord please help me as we adjust to a diray allergy. Give our bones strength and give me wisdom as I start this adventure. "

"Lord please help us to be a witness to others around us. Telling others about the purity you offer through your blood. Afterall you are "One size fits all"

I prayed over my husbands uniform. His shirts and pants. Telling the Lord how greatful I was for his hard work. Asking him to give him strength as he goes about his day. I asked God to help me to be a better helpmate, and that I will create a home full of joy when he returns.

I was reminded of all the "stains" we have in our life,

and as I put our "rags" in the rag bucket I knew God has a plan for each of us....

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things (even the scraps of our life) work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose."

I prayed that our kids will find contentment in the car as we go throughout town, and I thanked God for the noise of them all singing bible songs as we headed to the bank.
I washed and dryed all of our winter glooves, and hats. Its Indiana and we have been blessed with a very very mild winter.So I kept the bag close to the garage door just in case it gets really cold again. And I prayed for the "seasons" ahead. I surrendered my will to his. I am nervous, and unsure of what will happen in my life untill I pull these out agian. But I know He is in control!
I folded the last scarf and prayed for my sons throat. It was red and a little sore tonight. I prayed for God's healing stripes to comfort him.

Prayer. Its such a simple task. Something we can do so often and yet forget to do most of the time. It took me three hours to get to the otherside of my mountain. Three hours into the wee hours of the morning. Three. hours. of. prayer. My heart rejoiced and I was humbled! That was the longest I prayed in my whole life. Short, simple prayers. Laundry Prayers! Prayers that covered everyone in my home. Prayers of thankfullness, and prayers of conviction. A intimate conversation with my first love. My Lord.

***I would love to invite you to my next series: "Household Prayers". This week I will be sharing how we can turn our home, our to-do lists, and tidying up into a divine appointment. A holy conversation. One full of prayer!

By His Grace,


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

His Mercies are New!

Its the beginning of a new day...the sun hasn't awoke from its depth and the kids are still warm under their blankets. I find myself refreshed and full of Joy today. No particular reason really, just knowing my God is faithful and He is here.

~He is here beside me as I fold my mini mountian of laundry...(all it took was a little know... the kind found in a mustrad seed?)

~He is here when the dishes say good morning and I say, Oh yeah I forgot about you last night. ~He is here when my floors seem to never stay clean and I hope no one sees the evidence of our very much lived in living room carpet.

~ He is here when I find my heart burden for the path of my children as I teach them God's way, and yet so often than not I feel like I am not doing it right.

~He is here....

As I sip my tea and look down at my two Ginger snaps (not a very healthy breakfest but a sweet one nonetheless) I am greatful that He is here. I know I can't go about my day without Him. Without His grace, His mercy, His wisdom, and His forgiveness. Its a new day one that I want to give Him fully. Its all His afterall.

~My gentle, loving husband is His

~My daughter full of beauty with a heart so fragile as she discovers who God wants her to be is His

~My sons who love adventure and thrive on learning new things are His
~This home and all within are His

My family, all unworthy of my love...all saved by grace and all given to me as gifts. All whom I can't love without Him!

The sun is lifting, and the birds a children are stirring and... I pray....

Dear Father,

I need you today. I need your love so I can love them. I need your grace so I can pass it on. I need your forgiveness when I fail in my fallen skin. I need your spirit to guide me and give me wisdom when all else is gone. Be my hands, as I prepare meals. Be my feet as I go from room to room to tidy. Fill my voice with gentleness and grace as I speak loving, encouraging words of Hope.

Father thank you for your love. For the cross. And for your word. Thank you for giving me soo much I don't deserve. Thank you for another day to wake up early and spend this time with you.

Please Father give everyone who comes here... Joy.. For no reason really, but just because you are with them. You are there beside them no matter what season they are in. You are with them no matter what comes their way today. You are with them wherever they go. You are there. They are not alone.

"O Lord you are my God, and I rise early to seek you."
~Psalms 63:1

Monday, March 5, 2012

"My Cafe Daughters"

My family and I have been honored to have two young ladies become a part of our home and our hearts this past year. These ladies attend the local university and are a part of the CAFE ministry at our church. A ministry where Titus 2 woman and families are called to "adopt" a college student, carrying their burdens in prayer, fellowshipping with them, encouraging them, and bringing them into our homes when they need a good home cooked meal.

I have been so honored to hear these ladies speak about their dreams, and hopes.

and share their family life back home.

As moms we wear many hats throughout our day....

but God has called us to wear a very special one....

the hat of a Titus 2 woman.

Titus 2:4 "That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their

husbands, to love their children. To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good,

obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."

As these women grow and move onto a new season in their lives

I pray they will continue to radiant with beauty.
The beauty found in living their lives for the Lord,
and honoring him in all they do.

Thank you Ren and Linnea for opening up your heart

and letting my family "adopt" you into ours. You will always

have a special place in our home and heart and hope this is just the beginning of

a strong friendship lasting many years!!!

As I train my daughter towards biblical womanhood I pray that

when she enters that season of life she will be strong in the Lord,

and radiant with beauty like you.

"A Titus 2 Prayer"

(from my heart to yours)

Dear Lord,

I thank you for bringing these special woman in our lives. I ask you to please give them wisdom as they seek you for your plan for their lives. I pray that you give them peace and contentment wherever you may lead them. I pray that you will fill their hearts with joy

and give many memories that can encourage them to become stronger woman of God as they finish this year. Carry them Lord when they fall, hold them when they cry, and fill them with joy in the days ahead. Bless them Lord and keep our hearts connected in the years ahead. Thank you again for the honor to have them as a part of my family.


***A Titus 2 challenge:***

~I would encourage you blog friends to read Titus 2 and try and pray about some way you can be a blessing. Whether to a young mom, a college student, or more personally to your own daughter(s). It is a joyfull thing to be able to be used by God in this pass on a legacy of sorts to the next generation.

Many Blessings,