Wednesday, March 7, 2012

His Mercies are New!

Its the beginning of a new day...the sun hasn't awoke from its depth and the kids are still warm under their blankets. I find myself refreshed and full of Joy today. No particular reason really, just knowing my God is faithful and He is here.

~He is here beside me as I fold my mini mountian of laundry...(all it took was a little know... the kind found in a mustrad seed?)

~He is here when the dishes say good morning and I say, Oh yeah I forgot about you last night. ~He is here when my floors seem to never stay clean and I hope no one sees the evidence of our very much lived in living room carpet.

~ He is here when I find my heart burden for the path of my children as I teach them God's way, and yet so often than not I feel like I am not doing it right.

~He is here....

As I sip my tea and look down at my two Ginger snaps (not a very healthy breakfest but a sweet one nonetheless) I am greatful that He is here. I know I can't go about my day without Him. Without His grace, His mercy, His wisdom, and His forgiveness. Its a new day one that I want to give Him fully. Its all His afterall.

~My gentle, loving husband is His

~My daughter full of beauty with a heart so fragile as she discovers who God wants her to be is His

~My sons who love adventure and thrive on learning new things are His
~This home and all within are His

My family, all unworthy of my love...all saved by grace and all given to me as gifts. All whom I can't love without Him!

The sun is lifting, and the birds a children are stirring and... I pray....

Dear Father,

I need you today. I need your love so I can love them. I need your grace so I can pass it on. I need your forgiveness when I fail in my fallen skin. I need your spirit to guide me and give me wisdom when all else is gone. Be my hands, as I prepare meals. Be my feet as I go from room to room to tidy. Fill my voice with gentleness and grace as I speak loving, encouraging words of Hope.

Father thank you for your love. For the cross. And for your word. Thank you for giving me soo much I don't deserve. Thank you for another day to wake up early and spend this time with you.

Please Father give everyone who comes here... Joy.. For no reason really, but just because you are with them. You are there beside them no matter what season they are in. You are with them no matter what comes their way today. You are with them wherever they go. You are there. They are not alone.

"O Lord you are my God, and I rise early to seek you."
~Psalms 63:1

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