Friday, March 16, 2012

"Cookie Cutter Prayers"

~How we can cultivate a heart of prayer in the hearts of our children through everyday things~
One thing my kids love to play with is cookie cutters. We tend to have gathered quite a collection. (one that actually fits into a old wooden barrel to be exact!) I personally love the metal cookie cutters. They tend to bring me back to a simpler time in life when children were encouraged to stand by mom all day as she cooked or cleaned. When boys would find contentment and adventure in a pile of sticks and stones, and the occasional tree in the backyard.

Cookie cutters will always find themselves somehow on our table during the week. Whether we are making cookies by scratch, practicing our alphabet, or trying to draw towns made out of shapes....our cookie cutters are much loved.

Cookie Cutters to most are just a simple everyday thing. Something that comes in many shapes and sizes and can give children of any age hours of fun. Did you know cookie cutters can also be a tool to teach those young hearts the importance of prayer? Since many of my cookies cutters are different colors and so often my kids are sharing or digging in the barrel for their next favorite one...I have a little game we goes soemthing like this.

You will need:

~A timer of some sort

~Pieces of cardstock cut into squares or index cards cut in half


~A list of prayer requests (or topical prayers)


~On each piece of paper write down a specific prayer request or topical prayer

(ex: Missionaries, Daddy's cold, Self-Control with my hands)

~Before children play with cookie cutters explain when the timer beeps they will draw a new card of prayer from the "prayer pile" and pray (outloud or quietly) about those requests untill the timer stops

~You can also say whenever you touch a "yellow" cookie cutter, or a "round" cookie cutter you have to pray about ________(prayer card)

It's a fun way to make a simple moment into something so precious-listening to your family talk to their Saviour!

As with any memory there is usually a mess not to far behind. And with children messes are not that hard to make. But on the other hand picking up messes usually is no fun at all. So how can we take a pile of toys and teach our children that when we put our toys away we can spend time talking to God?

Here is another great idea....

You will need:

~A piece of paper to hang in the bedroom or playroom

~Markers or caryons (because every list seems to be a little more exciting to read when done with lots of color!)


~Write down the top 10 toys or everything your children will be picking up in one column

~Draw a arrow to the second column and write down what they can pray for when they pick up that item and put it away

~Hang in a place where the kids can see this on a daily basis and encourage them, even walk them through it a few times. Afterall messes become more important as you pray your way through them with your children by your side!


1. LEGOS (which are in the millions in my boys' room)------------>pray for missionaries who are building churches

2. SHIRTS-------------------->thank God for daddy and all the hardwork he does providing for us

3. MATCHBOX CARS----------------->Pray for God to provide the momey to our friends so they can go to the Mission field soon

4. DOLLS--------------->Pray for the girl orphans. And that God will give them a loving family

5. DRESS UP CLOTHES------------------>Pray for anyone who is sick. That God will heal them

You see its more than just, another pile. And as a mom you can say more than just simply, "Go clean your room." .....Its a oppurtunity to teach them the importance of prayer!

As a mom I see that I am constantly training their hearts to think biblically, quick to disciple them onward towards Christ, and always find a to-do list much too long for the hours I am awake. But as a mom I can find peace and joy in the everyday things as I look forward to those moments as a way to share God with my kids. Today I would like to enocurage you to start a passion in the young hearts of your children in praying throughout their day. It is a wonderful thing to join in Family Worship at the end of each day praying for the burdens of those close to you...and it is important to thank the Lord for each meal He has provided. But it can be a glorious thing when we see our everyday chores as stepping stones to a more personal, intimate relationship with Jesus.

I hope you are encouraged....and never look at a stray toy or a cookie cutter and a container of play dough the same again :)

Prayers of Blessings from my heart to yours!



  1. Nice post Dawn. It will be an encouragement you will build upon as the grow. :o)

  2. I like this idea, Dawn! Especially praying as we pick up...since we seem to be doing that all the time. :) Thanks for the encouragement.