Friday, January 14, 2011

So Much More...

This year I am excited to read the Botkin sisters book "So Much More". A book that may to some seem trivial and a bit old fashioned or even legalistic. But to me has been a treasure. One full of wisdom and encouragement. One that has given me hope. You see this is my little girl, the only girl God has blessed me with, and I want so much more for her that I in my human nature can offer. I am a mom who is saved only saved by grace. A mom which falls more often then I seem to suceed. A mom that is passionate about homemaking, serving my husband and getting into God's word. Just the right mom God had in mind for this little girl. I want a visionary daughter, one who doesn't just survive or bend to the demands or suggestions of friends and family but one who thrives in biblical womanhood.
"Who can find a virtous woman? For her price is far above rubies..."
Proverbs 31:10
Simply Blest,


  1. Hi, I loved your post with such warm words. Your daughter will grow into her life with confidence and love as you share your dreams and passions with her, just remember to let her go alittle at a time.
    When my son was 17 he had a dream to study in the USA. My husband had just died and he is my only son. I let him go out into the world knowing that he had my love and blessing. He has grown into a confident young man and is now 28. He still lives and works in the USA. I miss him with all my heart, but we talk on the phone/skype and I visit often. He has achieved his dream and for that I am a proud Mom.

  2. Aww Ann you are so sweet. Thank you for the gentle reminder! May the Lord bless you today!