Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Finding Joy in My Kitchen"

~Joy by Perspective~

As we traveled through town my heart was heavy with weary and expectations, I piled my burdens upon the ears of husband. He listened carfeully and then quietly pulled out this piece of paper from his coat pocket. He read these words:

"God's provision is about persepctive...

He will bring something along your path today

that will challenge you to see it with a different persepctive."

I heard his words, words of wisdom, words that should of changed the direction of my heart. But at that moment I was full of frustrations. I continued to keep my focus on all the things that were going wrong and it wasn't untill later that day when I remembered those words again. The Lord had it all under control. Every little detail of our school days, every little detail of my kids hearts, and every little detail of our first remodel project.

On that day there wasn't much joy in my kitchen...let alone not enough in my heart.

Jesus- Jesus should be first, his will above my own. His timing above my own

Others- Was I more concerned of the others around me or myself?

Yourself Last- I needed to be on my knees...I had a list, a list that wasn't getting done fast enough. A list that didn't have a eternal soul or a heartbeat-but it my head it was superior.

At that moment I was putting myself first... others, and the Lord last.

I thought of the words my husband spoke and realized I not only needed to see this day through the eyes of the Lord but I had to look at by His perspective. Being compassionate to the needs of others around me, and being patient when his timing even if it was longer than my own.

In our kitchens we can do many things;

~Train our children in manners

~Make memories as we cook together

~Use Hospitality

~Open our hearts as we sit together

~Cook meals that bless others

~Shepherd our children (after all doesn't this happen in every room of our homes?)

~Spend alone time with the Lord (I find this easy as I cook or clean up)

~Bless our husbands

I am sure each one of us can think of a list of many things we do in our kitchens that can bring us JOY. My challenge to you my dear friends is to pass that JOY along. And if you are struggling to find Joy in your kitchen take moment and look at your time spent there through Gods perspective.

...continuing on towards Joy


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