Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Little School House

As the new year begins the wheels in my "homeschool Mom" brain start to turn.
Throughout fall I jot down new ideas, unit studies and field trips that inspire me.
When Tax season arrives I refine my list and begin a new school year.
I am to some a very out-of-the-box homeschool mom. I strive for memories in ALL
our learning and tend to stray away from textbooks.
I love a "guided" schedule but tend to not be a morning person.
I admire Charlotte Mason and Andrew Pudewa's view on learning.
I am embracing "Delight-Directed" learning and consider Leggo Building a class.
One thing is for sure- you can almost find anyone of my children learning throughout our home.

(above is one of my favorite places to learn in our backyard... becasue after all I find I have
learned so much along the way as I teach my children.)

In this spot History has become our subject of choice. As the kids "Sew" I read the next chapter in our Little House books. (And youngest is in his pj' #123 of being a homeschool kid-you can go to school in your pj's even if its outside!)

Sometimes school happens in the presence of the home of another. As a birthday gift my daughter got art lessons from dear friends of ours. (If asked she will still tell you this was her favorite birthday present!) I just love learning gifts!!!
On a blizzardy day I found my children had created their own reading corner.

The umbrellas were $2.ooe each at a rummage this summer and I consider that one of my best investments! What child doesn't love laying under "Giant" umbrellas reading their favorite book!

Even the laundry room is a prime place to learn. My oldest son considers this his

favorite place when its reading time.

To see my kids enjoy what they are learning about makes them excited about

learning...and makes mommy a little excited to. My youngest likes to curl up on the

sofa..."Its comfy" he says as he works on one of his maze books.

There are many notes in my school folder on where our learning will go this year and the places I hope it takes us. One thing to remember is that your home-and even your yard-is the best place you can take them as you teach them different things. This tent was made in our yard this afternoon. To most of you is looks like a beauitiful day in the south. But mind you we live in the north! In northern INDIANA. Today it was 56 degrees outside. I love snow, being from the chicago land area, I grew up with much of the fluffy white stuff. But when God blesses us with a unusual warm winter day (or a pretend Spring day as my children call it) I take full advantgae and thank the Lord!

I would like to invite you back to Our Little School House as I explain in more detail how we have make our own curriculam, utilize free resources, manage our workbox system, and make many memories along the way. I hope as you rasie your arrows and teach them along the way you will find many places in your home that can be "special places" of learning.

Pressing On,



  1. Hi Dawn,
    I'm stopping by from the Deep Roots at Home link up. (I am a CM-er as well.) I love this post. We "have school" in almost any location you can think of! :) I am your newest follower and look forward to reading your future posts.I would love for you to stop by and "visit" me sometime. :)
    Many blessings,

  2. It was such a joy to read your comment Lisa! I am so greatful that you have found encouragement here! I can't wait to sneak some time away and visit you. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello :) Many blessings to you also!

  3. Love this post! This makes me so excited about starting homeschool in a couple of years with my little ones!

  4. Thank you Gabrielle so much for stopping by! It was such a joy to hear your words of encouragement!!! I sure hope as I continue to post some more on our school days you will be encouraged and get many ideas. If you ever have any questions or are looking for anything please let me know :) Many blessing to you dear friend!!