Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Finding JOY in our Kitchens"

~25 Ways to bring Joy to Washing Dishes~
Whether you have a small house or a quiver full of many, washing dishes is one task that has to be done frequently. It is something that we CAN take great Joy in! As christians is it a high calling to serve our family. A ministry of sorts to teach our children how to serve one another with love. Unfortuantly this is one of those daily tasks that can drain us and cause us to feel overwhelmed very quickly. Here are 25 different ways you can try that might bring a little joy to those times you are over your kitchen sink...
25. Have a special apron just for doing dishes
24. Buy a special towel to hang for your hands after working hard
23. Find a special candle and light nearby while you do dishes
22. Do you seem to have too many of certain dishes? Find a way to donate them
21. Buy special tea cups & saucers for friends to take home when they come by and join you for tea.
20. Find special plates to give homemade cookies on...attach a note for the receiver to keep that plate or to pass along to someone else.
19. Save on the amount of tubberware and use Mason Jars instead to store dry goods
18. Keep just enough utensils to store in a wide mouth Mason Jar on the counter
17. Use seran wrap to cover platters & holiday dishes before putting food on ...no need to wash those they were safe and clean under the seran wrap!
16. Use parchament paper on cookie sheets and baking pans when baking
15. Use foil under a broil pan to catch the grease when baking bacon
14. Find a good spot for a CD player, play your favorite music while doing dishes
13. Have each child have their own cup for the day and find a special spot on your counter with their name so they know exactly where to put it when meals are done
12. Use a bottle brush for washing cups
11. Buy a special lotion and have it waiting for you by the dishsoap to soften your hands after a big load

**Stay tuned for my TOP TEN ways to bring JOY to Washing Dishes**

~If you have any ideas on how to bring joy to your dish washing time feel free to leave a comment!

Blessings to you as you clean your sink fulls this week!!


  1. Or you can listen to audiobooks or encouraging speakers :-). Victoria Botkin has been getting me through all my laundry folding and dishes.

  2. I do the podcast thing during dish washing time, too. I also love the smell of dish soap, so that helps me.

  3. @ Krista..sshh...that's one of my TOP TEN :)

    @Ann I agree sometimes I splurge on a new kind just to make it exciting!

    Thank you so much for your comments!

  4. My kids at this age (5 and 3 year olds) enjoy helping with the dishes, so sometimes before I do the dishes I allow them to "wash" the dishes. It lets me have a few extra minutes to relax before I do the dishes, and it gives them dish washing experience. And sometimes they actually do a good job washing the dishes.