Monday, November 21, 2011

"A Heart Request Part 1"
I have recently recieved the greatest blessing in all of my mothering years. A blessing that is the foundation of my faith and one that encourages me onward toward biblical womanhood. At times I wondered why I waited so long to find this blessing, it seems such a priceless gift. And yet here I am excited to enocurage you, my readers to look for and discover the true joy, peace, and comfort that comes from this blessing.

My blessing secert....a wonderful woman of God who has agreed to come alongside me and carry my burdens of mothering to the foot of the cross, to enoucarge me in different ways on how to bless my husband, and to teach me Godly wisdom on how to care for my home. It has been a little while since my heart was burdened so. I found it hard at times to breathe and stay focused. I would get overwhelmed and feel like I am drowning in a pool of whatever seemed choas for the day. My prayers were urgent, my tears were many, and some days I felt like giving up.

Then one day I read my dear friend SarahMae's blog and begun the petiton to the Lord to bring someone into my life and lift me up. (you can view her post here:) "Calling ALL Older Women" A few days later I sent out a heart request....

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