Monday, November 28, 2011

"Evaluating Tradtions"

"Finding JOY in your Kitchen"

As I search through a few more ideas on posting in this series I came across this post by a sweet friend of mine and was really moved. I know Christmas is coming very soon and we all will be in our kitchen planning all sorts of holiday foods. (I know our home will soon be filled of the smells of freshly made sugar cookies.) So I propose a challenge to you my we search to find JOY in our kitchens can we find JOY in giving others the gift of food for their own kitchens? Tomorrow my children and I will look through World Vision's magazine for the first time and I wonder what will move their hearts...they are not restricted by dollar amounts or budgets. Their hearts are so full of pure compassion. If you would like to join me and my dear friend Krista in the search to bring JOY into our homes please visit her blog post here: under "Evaluating Traditions"


  1. Looking at the World Vision catalogs has long been a special tradition for our family. They have such good and practical ideas! thanks for sharing this! I would love to smell your kitchen when you bake with the children :0 Blessings, Dawn !

  2. Wish you could smell it, and join in! Blessings to you too!