Monday, November 21, 2011

"A Heart Request Part 2"

My heart request was sent out to a sweet friend of mine, Robin.

(Dated August 1,2011)
Dear Robin,
This evening I find myself sitting back and trying to breathe. A deep relaxing breathe. One that comes slow and causes me to quiet my soul and opens my eyes to the wonder of the Lord all around me. With little boys running all around, chores needing to be done and dinner needing to be made I pushed on. I prayed. Silently I prayed. As I hurried about from one thing to the next I thought of Sara Mae's latest post on her blog...and I wondered. I know I have leaned on you for prayer before in the past-and my heart has been so greatful to know you were always there for me! I have gleaned soo much wisdom from your life and have found strength in knowing there is someone else out there striving after similar biblical principles. My night is coming to a close and the house it getting quieter...except for the boy who seems to be getting wilder as bedtime inches closer. There will be peace...a few minutes of quietness...very I can breathe. As I thought more on Sara Mae's words I wondered...would you be willing to come alongside me and mentor me? Please take time and pray about this. I only want God's will. Instead of a prayer request I am asking if you lift up a heart request. I am praying that God will give me a oppurtunity to find a mentor. One that can met with me and lift me up spirtually. One that will pray for my name. And challenge me to be a Godly wife. I have found lots of strength in books, and blogs but I personally need a physical pillar to go to. A place to escape to and regain my strength. I would really appreciate your prayers in the quest to seek the Lord's will in the season of my life. Thank you already for I know you will pray.

I prayed whether to post this whole email but have been asked recently how to do I ask someone to mentor me...I hope my words will bring you closer to finding that joy the Lord can give through the wisdom of a Titus 2 women by your side.
Many Blessings


  1. That is awesome! It would be so great to have a mentor! Most days, I feel very alone in trying to raise my daughter for Christ, homeschool, keep up with household duties etc.... So VERY happy for you!

  2. Oh my dearest friend please know that I will be praying for you that the Lord will bring a special Titus 2 Woman into your life. You are not alone but I totally understand how you feel! You know I am here for you if ever you need me :)! Love you!